Forest Hills Business Association Scholarship

Application for Forest Hills Business Association Scholarship Application Procedures and Qualifications:

  • Applications available to download below or at your local Forest Hills high school.

  • Must be a student in the Forest Hills School District OR have an immediate family member (parent, child, or sibling) who works in a business that is a member of the FHBA.

  • Must be a high school senior or college student and have a 3.0 GPA or above.

  • Please submit up to a 1 page essay on why you deserve the scholarship, career/life goals and what you are doing to attain those goals.

  • Please submit a letter of recommendation from a person other than a relative.

  • Please complete the information below.

Please send all required information by April 30 to: 
Forest Hills Business Association 6757 Cascade Road SE Box#42 Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Awarding 2 scholarships: One (1) $1,500 scholarship, and one (1) $750 scholarship. Applicants will be assessed on an individual basis. Character, academic excellence, financial need, community involvement, dedication, commitment to their goals, proof of eligibility, and the recommendation letter will be considered.

2019 FHBA Scholarship

Download the FHBA Scholarship application.